Master Lock Motorcycle Helmet Lock

What kind of lock do I need for my motorcycle helmet?

The Master Lock Cable Lock is a heavy duty cable locking device that can be used to secure your helmet and other motorcycle gear. It’s a great choice if you’re looking for something reasonably priced and easy to use that can serve a variety of different purposes.

How does a lock work on a motorcycle?

The only sign of the lock itself is the locking mechanism and arm mounted to the side. From one quality and innovative design, we turn to another one from Lockstraps. This design is bringing a degree of high security alone with a real sense of ease of use.

Which is the best helmet lock on Amazon?

Crust AR ARF Heavy Duty Star Keys Multi Purpose Goti/Key Chain Helmet Lock Cable Lock with 2 Star Keys for Highest Safety. . ₹450.00 FREE Delivery. Details Currently unavailable.

Where do you put the helmet on a motorcycle?

If you have a detachable seat, remove it, place the helmet under the seat, lock it, and put the seat back in place. You can also use your mirror, simply run the lock through the mirror and helmet and place the helmet on the handlebars.


The next product to make our list is this entry from Master Lock. It should be obvious from the image of the product, but this is easily one of the simplest styles of helmet lock to make our list. It is also the cheapest.

That doesn’t mean though that you are missing out on too many features with this product though. The cable, for example, is good quality. It is a metal cable with 14 inches of length and 5mm in diameter. It is therefore that little bit smaller than some other options out there, but it certainly has the strength to be a reliable locking mechanism when you need it.


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