ILM Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

Is the Ilm full face motorcycle helmet any good?

If you’re seeking to invest in a bike helmet that makes you feel like a MOTOGP racer while protecting you like a soldier at war, look no further. Exceeding the safety standards set forth by DOT and FMVSS-218, ILM full-face helmet is a reassurance to its users when it comes to damage control.

Can a motorcycle helmet be a full or Half Shell?

You don’t have to choose between a full face motorcycle helmet and a half shell. Modular motorcycle helmets offer riders the best of both worlds with full face function and the ability to flip the chin bar up so the helmet acts as a half helmet.

Is the modular motorcycle helmet approved by Dot?

This modular motorcycle helmet is approved by DOT. It also meets the FMVSS 218 Standards. The aerodynamic properties are also maximized with the assistance of extensive wind tunnel testing.

Do you need an open face motorcycle helmet?

. Open face helmets are typically the mainstay of the scooter and cafe racer crowd, but at RevZilla we see more and more riders opting for at least one open face motorcycle helmet as part of their gear lineup.


If the buffeting of having the front panel up is a bugbear when it comes to the modular style of helmets, then check out this dual visor/flip up model from ILM. This lid has one of the shortest shell-to-chin guard distances compared to similar models, which all helps to limit the sail effect with the wind you can get when the chin guard is up and open.

As well as this neat feature, the ILM also has a nice ‘mean’ look to its design, with slick aerodynamics and ample front and top air vents to keep you comfortable and cool as your ride. The outer visor is clear and gives a good field of vision while the inner sunscreen is dark but can be swapped out for clear if you want. Nice inner padding, secure and ‘micro-adjustable’ chin strap as well as a choice of 10 cool colorways and this modular motorcycle helmets from ILM could be one of your best choices if you are on a budget.


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