King Auto Parts Ignition Coil

Where can I buy an ignition coil set?

If you need wires or plugs, sells those parts as well. stocks hundreds of ignition coils and ignition coil sets. Every ignition coil pack we sell is rated at performance specifications equal to or greater than its original factory counterpart.

When did the NGK Ignition coils come out?

The NGK Difference. Launched in 2016, we continue to improve the design, testing and validation of our ignition coils to make installation easier and performance better. Ideal for vehicles with a conventional ignition distributor.

Are there ignition coils that serve all spark plugs?

In older vehicles, a single coil would serve all the spark plugs via the ignition distributor. Notable exceptions are the Saab 92, some Volkswagens, and the Wartburg 353 which have one ignition coil per cylinder.

How many Sparks does a direct ignition coil generate?

These coils may be remotely mounted or they may be placed on top of the spark plug (coil-on-plug or Direct Ignition). Where one coil serves two spark plugs (in two cylinders), it is through the " wasted spark " system. In this arrangement, the coil generates two sparks per cycle to both cylinders.


Our favorite ignition coil as an editorial team is the Motorcraft Spark Plug, a loop made for all Ford models in the world. Working with car brands can be tough and requires a lot of trust in quality and reliability. The Motorcraft Spark team has these traits and many more, which is why they work together with great vehicle brands such as Ford their Motorcraft Spark Ignition coil is a global favorite among many Ford users, thanks to its conservative nature and outstanding performance. 

This ignition coil is unique in many ways. It features heavy-duty construction for longevity, with the use of top quality materials for durability and higher market value. The ignition coil unit comes in a wide variety of colors of users to choose from. Some examples include green, red, yellow, and black ignition coils. If you ever need to change your ignition coils, give the Motorcraft Spark a chance to prove its worth.


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