303 Spray Wax And Quick Detailer

What does the 303 speed detailer spray do?

303 Detailer Spray is designed to instantly clean, protect and produce a high gloss, show room shine for your car. Contains powerful UV protection to help against fading and preserve your cars original appearance. Helps repel dust, dirt, and light surface scratches.

When to use 303 spray wax on car?

Use on WET or DRY surfaces!, 303 Spray Wax is the fastest solution for making your car shine. This formula is a gentle cleaner that helps remove water spots, dust, and other debris from the hard surfaces on your car, while leaving a protective layer that lasts up to 90 days to help repel these elements.

What can you use a detailer spray on?

The detailer spray goes well with clay bar as a clay lubricant, you can use this as a cleaning pad primer, like a wax booster, quick polishing booster & if course as a waterless wash to clean anything from your car surface. You can also use this to clean the door panels, dash & console if your car.

Which is the best spray wax for car detailing?

The Carfidant product line is another common name when it comes to car detailing products, and their spray wax is no different. The formula is very durable and lasts a long time owing to its hydrophobic properties. This prevents the retention of water that protects the wax coat against various sources of damage.


The 303 Spray Wax and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant may not be as popular as some other brands, but it sure is showing its mettle going head-to-head with industry stalwarts. The 303 comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle, so it can be used both on wet and dry surfaces. As long as it is applied on non-porous material, it should do an exemplary job of protecting the surface and keeping it shiny smooth for as long as possible. The formula contains carnauba wax, although there really is no telling how much of the premium wax is contained in each bottle.

One thing is certain, its 90-day surface deep shine and protection is good enough that it is no doubt one of the top products in the industry. Its 30-day UV protection could be better, or maybe we’re just looking at an honest company that would rather give you the facts than flood you with empty promises.

303 Marine Quick Wax | Wholesale Marine

Usage Directions: Apply product onto a cool, clean surface. Out of direct sunlight, spray 303 Quick Wax onto surface to be treated in a uniform misting …


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