Prolong Super Lubricants Engine Flush

How often should I use Prolong Super Lubricants?

Quick and easy to use, just pour it right into the engine crankcase. Do this as part of or in between oil changes. Then use 12-oz for follow-up applications when motor oil is changed. It is recommended that Engine Treatment be used at each oil change, every six months or 6,000 miles.

What does it mean to flush engine oil?

An engine oil flush is essentially the process in which a mechanic or the oil change technician add chemicals in the engine oil in order to break down the carbon deposits or sludge from old oil. In other words, it means to remove the gunk in your engine. This process only takes place after the old oil is drained and before the new oil is added.

What is Prolong Super Lubricants psl11000 Engine Treatment?

Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 Engine Treatment – 12-Ounce Bottle is formulated with AFMT advanced technology. It is engineered to treat the metal surfaces of both gasoline and diesel fueled engines.

What kind of lubricant to use in engine flush?

Lubricants are also commonly found in engine flushes. These work to reinforce the clean oil rather than making it perform better. The least common that you are likely to find are rust-inhibitors as the acids and alcohols found in many engine flushes don’t work well with the agents.


A very popular product for both gas and diesel engines, the specialized engine sludge flush comes with anti-friction metal treatment technology. The protective layer created by this heat reduces the damaging effects of heat and friction.

In hotter running engines, this type of temperature reduction is even more important. All you need to do it pour it straight into the engine crank case.


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