Hiboy Electric Skateboard

How many miles per hour can a hiboy skateboard go?

On a single charge, Hiboy electric skateboards can reach 12.4 mph and 6.2 miles per hour, which perfectly serves your commuting in the city or school. Different from Hiboy electric scooter, our electric skateboards give you another excellent riding experience. or you can use NFC TAG for identification.

How much does a hiboy electric scooter weigh?

Great For daily commuting. Weigh from 21 lbs but 19 mph top speed and 15-degree hill climb capacity. We have multi-models from entry-level electric scooters to long range scooters.

Which is the best electric skateboard build kit?

Build Kit Boards (BKB) utilizes powerful belt motors and a hefty battery paired to a VESC (a powerful and custom motor controller that is popular with DIY board makers) to achieve an amazing kit for customers.

Is the Hiboy alpha 1 a good skateboard?

[CONVENIENCE & POPULAR] Alpha-1 is very convenient. It is mainly because it does not require you to assemble it yourself. It is a 31-inch skateboard, which is already pre-assembled, thereby preventing you from dealing with the hassle of doing this task on your own and would be a great choice for both self-use and a gift.


A day with the Hiboy Electric Skateboard will have you wishing for more. This is the best beginner skateboard if you’re looking for authenticity, quality, and durability. Our editorial team loves that this board is designed with a wireless remote, which allows you to have total control from anywhere. Such technology isn’t conventional with most skateboards, and this gives the Hiboy board an edge over its competitors.

The Hiboy beginner skateboard is a high-performance board designed for youths and adults. It features upgraded materials and technology like a single powerful hub motor that controls all operations. The engine is also responsible for the smooth, streamlined movement of this board.


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