OC Ramps Halfpipe Ramp

Do you need an OC Ramps halfpipe ramp?

Our custom made parts and professional design offers you the ultimate skateboard ramp. No need to go skateboard the halfpipes at your local skate park – get an OC Ramps halfpipe and shred on your own pro built ramp. Our skateboard ramp kits make everything extremely easy to install (halfpipe plans included).

Do you get free shipping on OC Ramps?

Try Business Prime free. FREE Shipping!! Our halfpipe mini ramps are perfect for any age and any level skater. From a young beginner to Pro skater, you’ll enjoy learning new tricks, grinding and busting air on your very own skateboard ramp. OC Ramps half pipes are built with the best materials on the market.

How to build a mini halfpipe halfpipe ramp?

How to Make a Mini Ramp (DIY Halfpipe) Step 1: The Foundation!. The ramp we’re building is 3 feet high, 12 feet wide and 24 feet long. Whatever the exact size… Step 2: The Sloped Transitions!. The first bit of construction is to layout and cut the sloped transitions that make up… Step 3: Framing …

How tall is a mini halfpipe skateboard ramp?

A "Mini Ramp" is a skateboard ramp (think: halfpipe) that is smaller than six feet tall and doesn’t contain any "vert", meaning that it doesn’t go vertical in the sloped transition. The DIY mini ramp we’re building here is 3 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 24 feet long.


Next on our list is a sturdy skateboard ramp from the OC company. OC is known globally for reliability and affordability. It is for this reason that many of their products are being adjudged bestsellers across the globe. This company is made up of the best professionals who seek to provide quality at a reduced rate. They do this by researching real alternatives and also finding less expensive construction modes that help you save some extra coins. Their latest creation I the OC Halfpipe ramp, an 8ft wide ramp created to help you enjoy real skating at all times.

This is a special skateboard ramp, designed for your comfort and enjoyment. It comes as a kit, filled with everything you require to set up your ramp for use. For a simple installation process, this skate ramp kit comes with pre-cut and pre-drilled boards, which go a long way to cut your installation time by more than half. The package also includes an instruction manual, filled with vivid pictures meant to make your setup very easy. Other elements found within the kit are the pre-counted rust proof screws, galvanized metal parts, and plywood made from the highest class of exterior lumber.


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