Herculiner Brush On Bed Liner

How big is herculiner brush on bed liner?

Herculiner, brush on bed liner Kit, includes 1 gallon of ready to use Black protective coating, application brush, 2 rollers for easy & even application Professional Custom Coat Spray on Truck Bed Liner 1.5 Gallon (6 Quart) Kit.

What kind of liner to use on a truck bed?

Herculiner is the only polyurethane and rubber granule coating that is applied in just 3 easy steps to your truck bed using rollers and a brush (included in the kit).

What should I use to clean herculiner brush?

However, the surface would need to be cleaned with a strong cleaner like TSP trisodium phosphate and a stiff bristled nylon brush then thoroughly rinsed with clean water. Do not just take it through an automatic car wash as wax could be applied which would require removal.

When to apply second coat of herculiner bed liner?

Make the first coat light which will act as a primer for your second coat. After successfully applying the first coat, let the bed liner dry for approximately one to four hours. After applying the second coat, don’t use the coated area before 24 hours for a light use and at least three to five days for heavy use.


This truck bed liner spray is simple to use and comes with a spray gun attachment which helps you to get a nice even coat. It’s an easy three step process – tint – add hardener – shake and spray! The really nice feature of the Custom Coat products is that there are a number of different colours available. You can fully custom the color of your truck bed and the following colors are available: black, white, black metallic, lime green, bright purple, bright silver, dove gray, hot rod red, safety blue and tintable.

This particular product is classic black so would work well with any color truck. Not only easy-on-the-eye, the product is very functional too. The tin contains enough truck liner spray to coat the largest truck beds and is resistant to stains and abrasions. The strong urethane coating is also waterproof and protects against corrosion salt & damp and extreme temperatures. Due to the nature of the material, it also helps deaden sound and vibrations, so not more clattering items on your truck bed!


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