Stromberg Carlson Platform-Style 2-Bike Rack with Bumper Hitch Adapter

Is the Stromberg Carlson bc-204 a post mount bike rack?

The Stromberg Carlson BC-204 4-bike platform mount carrier can be used with 2″ hitch receivers. For post mount bike rack options, please click here. There are no reviews yet.

What can you use a Stromberg Carlson bumper receiver for?

Universal RV Bumper Receiver by Stromberg Carlson®. Bumper Receiver can be used with most hitch mounted accessories – bike racks or carriers. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using…

Can a Stromberg cargo Caddy be used as a bike rack?

The Stromberg Carlson Cargo Caddy Bike Rack provides just that! The Bike Rack adapts your Cargo Caddy into a 2-bike carrier. Racks accommodate tire widths up to 2.25". Four wheel brackets, applicable hardware, and two tie down straps are included. CC-100 Cargo Carrier sold separately.

What kind of tailgate hardware does Stromberg Carlson use?

2000 Series Tailgate Hardware Kit by Stromberg Carlson®. The 2000 Series hardware kit includes two (2) metal latches, rubber discs, latch stops and inserts (to keep the tailgate centered). Latch cables sold separately. This product is…


This Stromberg Carlson Platform-Style 2-Bike Rack can accommodate up to two bicycles and a maximum weight of 80 pounds. It’s specifically designed for use on fifth wheels, motorhomes, and travel trailers. It works with two-inch square receivers, or you can use the included hitch adapter for four-inch and 4.5-inch square RV bumpers. It’s adjustable to accommodate any size frame, and it tilts down to permit access to the RV.

Overall, the rack is very sturdy, well built, and simple to install. It’s easy to load and unload your bikes on this rack, and it also features an anti-sway bolt, which makes driving a lot more comfortable. However, there have been some complaints that the rack may be shipped with a missing part, which can make assembly impossible. It may also get in the way of a spare tire, so you may need to purchase an extender.


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