ExpertPower Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

Which is the best expertpower lead acid battery?

ExpertPower Sealed Lead Acid Batteries are made with the highest quality of materials available.

Is the expertpower exp12180 12V lead acid battery useless?

The battery fits perfectly and as a great bonus, the battery holds the charge for a very long time before it needs recharging. Highly recommend this battery if it fits your unit. After owning them for about 8 months the stock 7Ah batteries in both of them were useless – wouldn’t hold a charge.

What can a sealed lead acid battery be used for?

SLA batteries are used in a wide variety of applications, including UPS battery backups, generators, golf carts, and more. These batteries are rechargeable, completely sealed and maintenance free; no need to maintain water levels! Check out our selection below. Can I select a sealed lead acid battery with a different capacity?

Can a 12V lead acid battery be used for 24VDC?

First, instead of regular car batteries to get that ~24VDC, use deep discharge batteries. Second, 12V lead acid batteries are fully charged at between 14.4 and 14.8 VDC gassing point. Third, yes, two 12VDC batteries in series can properly supply this instance with plenty of power to get you through the day.


Made with durability firmly in mind, the rugged construction of this lead acid battery gives it a strong resistance to factors such as shock, vibrations, chemicals, and heat. Also, it features a spill-proof design, which ensures safe operation in any orientation that you choose.

When it comes to installing the battery, you should find that you can get it up and running in no time. The charge time of this highly-rated device is around four hours, giving you plenty of fun on your ATV before recharging is required.


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