FXR X Cross Boot


So far we’ve looked at a range of high quality winter boots that provide sufficient protection and insulation to make them suitable for use when snowboarding. With this product from FXR however, we’re taking a bit of a different tack. What we have here is a boot designed specifically for use when snowboarding.

That means that we see a lot of the features we’ve seen already on previous products. We have a rugged sole with aggressively styled treads for grip. We have a phenomenal 600 grams of insulation, leading to footwear rated for use in temperatures as low as -40C. We also have a snug fur lining, and a styling that is more eye catching, and clearly more “sporty” in its inspiration than some of the previous models.

We have some features unique to a snowmobile boot too, and not just that sporty design. Chief amongst them are the protected kick toe that is built into the design. It is essentially an extra thick part of the sole at the front of the boot. It protects the foot from impacts whilst riding, and also allows you to kick surfaces to knock snow and ice off them quickly without damaging your delicate little toes.


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