Embrava Premium Sports Water Bottle

What kind of plastic is embrava water bottle made of?

Our water bottles are made from high quality Tritan plastic, which is completely BPA free, harder than regular bottles, leak proof and can be used effortlessly with just one hand. Thousands of satisfied customers are using Embrava daily.

How many people use embrava water bottles daily?

Thousands of satisfied customers are using Embrava daily. Our sleek, nordic inspired designs and unparalleled functionality make our products the companion for your daily adventures. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

What kind of water bottle is Eastman Tritan?

Custom promotional sports and bike bottles made of Eastman Tritan are shatter proof, stain resistant, and odor resistant. Our 24 oz Tritan Stripe Bottle, featuring a crest lid, is one of our top promotional Eastman Tritan sports bottles.

Are there any engraved stainless steel water bottles?

Our promotional stainless steel water bottles and custom engraved stainless steel water bottles are stylish, sturdy, and serviceable. At the more premium end of our custom water bottle offerings, these models are extra durable and often come with the option of personalized engraving for an especially thoughtful corporate gift option.


This Premium 18oz Sports Water Bottle by Embrava has a sleek design that is sure to look great in your bike’s bottle cage. It’s made from durable BPA-free plastic, and features a one-click, flip-open top that can be operated with one hand – the ergonomic shape also makes drinking one-handed a breeze. The lid has a lock to prevent leaks, and there’s an air hole to ensure a fast water flow rate.

The single-walled design doesn’t offer any insulation, so this is another bottle best suited to short rides and cooler climates – although the top is wide enough to fill it with ice cubes if you want. It’s on the slimmer side of bottles on this list, but will still fit in most bike cages, and the wrist strap could also come in handy to prevent you dropping your bottle when drinking on the go. Choose from blue, pink, white or gray, to match your bicycle’s style – the soft plastic surface is scratch-resistant, so it should stay looking great over time.

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EMBRAVA is a sports and outdoors company making premium water bottles and high quality … whether its in sports, outdoor activities or in everyday use.


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