What kind of welding machine is Lotos MiG 175?

Lotos MIG 175 welder is a welding machine that any serious entrepreneur would want to have in their garage. While working with my welding machine that I used to think was the best in the market, I came across the Lotos MIG 175 in a friend’s garage.

How long does it take to set up a Lotos welder?

The Lotos MIG 175 welder can easily be set up within a period of only ten minutes. With a temperature controller together with an overload breaker, the Lotos MIG 175 welder is equipped for machine protection

What kind of gas does a Lotos 140 welder use?

The Lotos 140 MIG can use the standard mixture of C25 (75% Argon, 25% Carbon Dioxide). You can feed 100% Argon when welding Aluminum with the optional spool gun. You have in the box with the Lotos 140 an Argon gas regulator. The regulator provided is quality and totally up to the job.

Can a Lotos welder be used as a transformer?

The LOTOS MIG175 is one of the most versatile welders. It is able to weld aluminum with the spool gun. Its transformer technology has been proven to be reliable and durable. MIG175 can easily connected to your existing 220V wall outlet and can be setup quickly within 10 minutes.


The LOTOS Mig175 is a versatile and reliable MIG welder that can tackle both steel and aluminum jobs with some ease. With a spool gun included for aluminum welding, you have everything you need for basic, quality home welding or auto jobs. Plus, it’s well-made and portable so a great addition to your favorite tools. 

At a mid-price, there’s a lot to like about the LOTOS, and it’s intuitive to use.  And with its output rated at 175-amp the overall performance is good – mild/stainless steel:  it welds 18 Gauge up to 1/4″ for stainless steel and 3/16″ for aluminum. The LOTOS MIG welder will also easily connect to your home 220V wall outlet. A nice starter MIG welding machine for the price.


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