Bestop Supertop NX Jeep Soft Top

What makes the bestop Jeep Wrangler Supertop NX soft top?

The hardware includes quick-release bow knuckles, which make removal without a tool possible. High-Strength Steel. The Bestop Supertop NX comes made from a high-strength steel that ensures durability and it also features an OEM composite plastic hardware kit that will work hard to stay in place even when you head off road.

What kind of fabric is used for bestop Jeep tops?

Sailcloth fabric is durable and resists stains and mildew. Bestop’s F. I. T. System has improved fabric positioning and tension for a secure soft top fit. Kit includes: Premium soft top fabric, patented factory-exact door surrounds, tinted and replaceable windows, integrated header, tailgate bar and the Sun rider feature

How to install a bestop Supertop on your 1987 Jeep?

Wrap fabric flap on the front of the side curtain around the Vertical Rod (not the front bow) and fasten the hook and loop strips to each other. Wrap the flap, sewn to the top above each door, around the Horizontal Rod and fasten the hook and loop strips to each other.

Who is the leading manufacturer of Jeep soft tops?

Bestop, founded in 1954, is the unquestioned industry leader in Jeep Wrangler soft tops and the leading manufacturer of premium Jeep® soft tops worldwide. Recognized for quality and innovation, Bestop works with only the world’s most premium suppliers.


Bestop has created a total package for the Jeep Wrangler (2007–2018 models) with this solid, quality-looking Jeep soft top that is a complete replacement set up. With the Supertop NX, they upped the specs, providing a lux look and performance, which makes it one of the most durable replacement soft tops available. It uses a triple-layer black twill fabric more often found on high-end sports cars, giving it a soft, wrinkle-resistant feel that also creates a solid barrier between you and the elements.

The cover fits snugly on the hardware frame, which is powder coated for corrosion and scratch resistance. Add in tinted removable side and rear windows, tough YKK plastic zippers, and quick-release knuckles as well as an adjustable tension base plate, and you have a superior replacement soft top that should last you some time, in style. Plus, there is a deal-sealing limited lifetime warranty.


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