FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imaging Camera for iOS

How big is the FLIR ONE Pro Lt camera?

Details FLIR 435-0012-03 Model FLIR ONE PRO LT iOS Pro-Grade Thermal Imaging Camera For Smartphones, 80 x 60 Thermal Resolution, 1440 x 1080 Visual Resolution, Adjustable Connector Up To 4mm.

Is there a FLIR ONE Pro for Android?

The FLIR ONE Pro from Rapid-Tech Equipment (FLIR’s Number One Australian Distributor) is the third generation of the outstanding FLIR ONE thermal camera for iOS and Android devices.

Is the FLIR ONE thermal imager for iOS?

FLIR one is a lightweight accessory that transforms your iOS device into a powerful thermal infrared camera. Now anyone can be a superhero with FLIR One’s Thermal Imaging Device for Apple phones and tablets.

What is the resolution of the FLIR ONE?

Flir One Pro has a thermal resolution of 160 x 120. This means 19.200 thermal pixels to measure in one image. In 2014 FLIR released the first version of the FLIR One thermal camera for your smartphone. The newest generation of FLIR One’s is the 3th generation.


A useful and compact thermal imaging camera that works through your smartphone and that displays the results on your phone screen. It is compatible with the iOS system on your phone or tablet. The rugged case houses a sensitive 160 x 120 resolution sensor to give you a sharp image.

It will detect temperatures from -4 degrees to 752 degrees F and allows you to take an accurate measurement from a safe distance. Thanks to the MSX image enhancement you get the highest quality image. It connects seamlessly with the app on your smartphone and allows you to share images easily. It comes with a protective case and a charging cable.

Flir One Pro Review | PCMag

The Flir One Pro requires the free Flir One app for Android and iOS to work. Once installed, turning the Pro on and plugging it …

FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Camera for IOS

The all new FLIR ONE Pro gives you the power to find invisible problems faster than ever. Its revolutionary VividIR™ thermal image processing lets you see more …


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