Zone Tech Car Heated Travel Blanket

Can a heated blanket be used in a car?

This heated blanket is compatible with most vehicles and comes with plenty of room for 2 people. Polar fleece material provides comfort and warmth. Plugs directly into a 12V socket. LED light on plug indicates when blanket is on or off. The 8-foot cord allows blanket to reach the back seats.

How big is a heated car blanket cord?

Plugs into 12V power outlet. Heats up quickly, stays warm until you unplug it. Gentle on car battery and safe for extended use. Warm and lightweight. Measures 59 inches long by 43 inches wide. Cord measures 8 feet long. Made of 100% polyester. No temperature control or shutoff feature, so it can sometimes get too hot.

What are the best camping blankets for car rides and camping?

The Schumacher 12 V polar fleece camping heated blanket offers quality warmth and comfort during camping trips and car rides. It measures 58” x 42” and is powered by an 8 foot long 12 V DC power cord. That lets you use it comfortably just about anywhere and gives you a lot of flexibility in where you sit or lay down.

Where do you plug in a car blanket?

You must purchase a blanket that has the plug type that fits the outlet in your car. 12-volt: The first is through the round, 12-volt auxiliary power outlet in your car, usually located on the console between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat.


Soothing heat and comfort are delivered in plenty of style with this pack of two electric blankets. It’s just what you need for cold weather and helps to boost your metabolism and maintain your core temperature. They are made from 100-percent polar fleece and have a non-flammable design for your safety. Because the wires are built into the fabric of the blankets, no lumpy wires can spoil your comfort.

When you need them, simply unfold them and plug into the 12-volt electric socket in your vehicle. There is a control panel that allows you to set the temperature and the 45 minute timer. When not in use, they can be folded up and stored in the trunk or used as a soft pillow.


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