Continental ContiMotion Sport/Touring Motorcycle Rear Tire

What kind of tire is continental Conti motion?

The Continental Conti Motion Radial tire is a premium all-season Sport Touring radial for the price conscious rider that does not want to sacrifice quality. MFR. Product # MFR.

When did continental contimotion come out in UK?

Came fitted new to the bike from a dealer probably due to the price. 2000 miles later and they have gripped in all UK weathers from a dreaful wet cold winter (2013) to scorchy hot summer as I commute all year round.

Do you think continental contimotion motorcycle tyres are good?

They are at the less-pricey end of the tyre range, but they nonetheless do everything we want of them. Grip is good, handling is good, turning and cornering is light and fast, and they are noticeably quiter than the Battlaxs that they have replaced.

Is the Continental contimotion good for wet weather riding?

Wet weather riding is stable and predictable, provoking wheelspin only once when cold, but if you ride hard in the rain your a loon anyway. I’d recommend them, and I will buy a rear again now this one has almost worn out.


Vintage motorcycle tires are not as easy to find as they used to be, so it’s great to see this entry from Duro. What makes them vintage? Well, vintage motorcycle tires are designed for older styles of bikes where there is no size difference between the front and rear tires.

That is a pretty cool feature. Usually there is a clear difference in size, weight and most importantly the price between the front and rear tires. That’s not the case with vintage bikes. Make sure that your model takes identical tires and you can really get a bargain here.

These tires are much smaller than modern designs, weighing in at only around six pounds. They boast a 4-ply construction, so they are remarkably tough. The tread design is certainly old school but should prove effective across typical road conditions. This tire is not suitable for all bikes. But if you have a vintage bike that needs tires of this style, you could pick up a high-quality tire for an excellent price.


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