RockBros Folding Bike Travel Case

How to buy a RockBros folding bike bag?

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What are the different sizes of RockBros for bikes?

The Cyclo bags offers RockBros in many sizes, from the smallest for suited only suitable for cycling soul or set of keys, to after 20-30 liter high volume cycling bags and mobile phone bags, so you can navigate easily while driving without worrying about the rain.

Is the RockBros top tube bag a garbage bag?

Having now had experience with a range of bike bags at both ends of the price spectrum, I can say that this bag certainly is not garbage. In fact it’s quite good. In fact, it’s very good! It’s a very good top tube bag. But it’s not a very good WATERPROOF top tube bag.

What kind of bag do you need for a folding bike?

Dahon has a full size bag for transporting the Dahon bike. This type of bag would probably be good for trains. Here is what the Body Bag looks like on Dahon’s website. Dahon does not provide the dimensions for the bag. Another bag that Dahon offers is the Backpack Carry Bag.


The RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag ensures users can transport their bikes through the use of a sturdy and reliable travel case. Your purchase comes with a 33.2 by 13 by 26.5-inch carry big as well as a backpack. It’s padded with extra foam to ensure the bicycle’s frame is well cushioned during the journey. This bag is also foldable, so the extra padding keeps the parts unaffected when it’s folded into a more compact form. The bag can be folded into a case, carried across your shoulders, or attached to the handlebar. With hands-free movement, your hands are free to carry out other important tasks before, during and after the journey.


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