Husqvarna X-Torq 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw

What does the Husqvarna X-Torq 2 cycle engine do?

The X-Torq engine means lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels. Auto return stop switch and visible fuel level makes the saw easier to handle. Equipped with Smart Start and fuel pump to every time ensure easy starts. 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. Every unit is tested at the manufacturer.

What kind of chainsaw does Husqvarna use?

Plus the 435e II comes equipped with Husqvarna’s powerful new X-Cut® chainsaw chain. Husqvarna 16-in 435e II gas chainsaw is ideal for tasks such as tree pruning, yard cleanups and firewood cutting 2.2 HP X-Torq® engine reduces both fuel consumption and gasoline emissions

What kind of gas does a Husqvarna use?

3.2 HP X-Torq® engine reduces both fuel consumption and gasoline emissions Optional parts and accessories include: Husqvarna pre-mix fuel 1 qt 2-cycle fuel (468926), chainsaw case (331392), Husqvarna gallon bar and chain oil (193432), chainsaw chaps (192767), forest helmet (192764), sharpening kit (1460482)

Is the Husqvarna 450E a gas chainsaw?

The Husqvarna 450E Rancher is an outstanding all-round chainsaw for anyone who values professional-grade power and performance. The X-Torq engine reduces fuel consumption and emission levels.


This lightweight, gas-powered chainsaw is a brilliant tool for cutting wood, chopping down trees, or clearing your yard. It’s the perfect addition for any homeowner with land to care for.  The Torq engine is also able to reduce harmful emissions and is thus a great purchase for those who want to support the environment and utilize a device that is more fuel efficient.

This particular model also has an extended warranty deal for those who buy the Husqvarna ready-mixed fuel and register their product online. A 4-year warranty is pretty exceptional for a tool of this calibre and highlights the belief that the makers have in their product. This is a fantastic addition to your tool collection and while it is on the more expensive side, it won’t disappoint and is sure to last!


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