Hit Air MLV-RC Motorcycle Airbag Vest

How does the hit air MLV-C vest work?

Taking a look at the MLV-C vest you see that Hit-Air has done a good job of keeping the design “open”. There are two large gaps in the back for air to flow through and the entire center of the front is open save for the two snap buckles holding the vest closed.

Where can I buy a hit air vest?

Hit-Air vests and jackets are supplied to police departments in many countries because of its safety and reliability. We pride ourselves in live customer support before and after your purchase.

How much does a hit air MLV-C cost?

The MLV-C starts at $479.00 which is about the same price as a good helmet. Of course, an airbag vest is no panacea and will not make a rider invincible. It’s just one of many pieces of the protection puzzle each rider assembles according to their own idea of risk mitigation.

Can a hit air jacket be used on multiple bikes?

Hit-Air also sells additional tether cables for riders that want to use their airbag vest (or jacket) on multiple bikes. They even sell an accessory that clips into the buckle to keep the tether from dangling when not wearing the airbag vest or jacket.


The Hit Air MLV-RC Motorcycle Light Weight Airbag Vest is the modern day protective shield for fans of the open road. This state of the art model is designed to provide comfort and safety at the same time. The high-speed airbag deployment system provides peace of mind and protection in the event of an accident by inflating the airbag in 0.25 seconds.

This impressive speed makes it even faster than the blink of an eye. Riding at night is also made safe thanks to the reflective threads that are woven into the fabric of the vest. This Lumidex feature allows your vest to shine bright during nocturnal outings. Furthermore, the waist adjustment belt allows you to secure it around your midriff and the extra padding in the sides, hips, and back makes this product comfortable to wear over your favorite motorcycle jacket.


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