Foreverun Motor Brake Pads for Honda

Where can I get Honda OEM brake pads?

Honda Parts Guys has an large supply of Honda OEM Brake Pads. We also carry both Honda OEM Front Brake Pads and Honda OEM Rear Brake Pads. If you cannot find the Honda Brake Pads that you are looking for then feel free to contact us and we will do our best to find the part that you are looking for.

What kind of brake pads do Honda Accords use?

Description: This set of standard OEM Honda Accord front brake pads is made to fit the exact specifications of your 2016-2017 sedan or coupe. Description: This part is a genuine Honda Accord disc brake set made to fit both hatchback and sedan models.

What kind of brake pads do I Need?

For example, sintered brake pads can cause excess wear on some types of rotors. Organic brake pads are best for cast iron, steel or stainless steel rotors. Whereas, ceramic brake pads will be gentle enough for chrome-plated or polished aluminum alloy rotors which would be destroyed by harder pads. Type of motorcycle.

Are there any complaints about the Akebono Brake pads?

The Akebono brake pads seemed to be well-liked among Accord enthusiasts. There were some complaints about fading. In addition, some drivers did not like the noise damping shims, stating that they damaged their rotors and were better off removed.


With this product you get a set of two high-quality brake pads, so you can replace both the front and the rear calipers.

These brake pads are made from sintered metal to give you the best performance. They will last longer than many other brake pads on the market and will be able to withstand the heat of sudden braking. They are a great choice for wet-weather riding.


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