Bodyprox Protective Mountain Bike Knee Pads

What makes a bodyprox knee pad so good?

Bodyprox kneepads are made with high-density foam that has good elasticity, perfect for compression and protection of knees while exercising. Moreover, it’s been created with breathable fabric that keeps bacteria from growing despite its firmness.

How big are knee pads for mountain biking?

The snappy black and white color combo matches everything from mountain bikes to other protective gear, ensuring that your young rider will look nice and be safe while on the trails. Lightweight, these protective pads come in at a mere 400 grams (that’s .88 of a pound, for the record), so they won’t weigh your child down in an uncomfortable manner.

What kind of pads do mountain bikers wear?

Many hard-shelled (less flexible) pads simply push off the knee upon impact, leaving bare skin to ground. Full-length (knee and shin) pads are a bit out of fashion for modern mountain bikers, as they can be a bit restrictive and hot for pedalling, but if gravity is your thing, look to Leatt’s Hybrid EXT for something all-protecting.

What kind of knee pads do kids use?

Simply Kids Knee and Elbow Pads with Wrist Guards, HardSoft Pad Tech. I CPSIA Certified Protective Gear Set I Inline Roller Skate Skateboard Bike Knee Pads for Kids Child Girls Boys Toddler Youth . . . . . . . . . . PHZ.


Straight in with our Best Choice, these great-value MTB knee pads from Bodyprox are a must for your everyday kit bag. Sleeve style and made from a soft, stretch fabric, they come in two sizes with a distinct left and right and will fit most legs really well.

The elasticity in the sleeve is really good, without being too tight and the breathable fabric will keep your knees cool, not matter the how hot the ride becomes. They are lightweight too and give a free range of movement as you pedal while remaining firmly in place. Plus, there’s enough stretch to be worn over leggings and trousers in the colder months. The protection comes in the form of high-density foam that more than adequately covers the full knee area.  As a go-to pair of mountain bike knee pads without breaking the bank, you get lightweight comfort and solid knee protection. Great for MTB and a host of other sports.


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