Air Power America Green Large Oil Extractor

What kind of fluid extractor does airpower use?

Airpower America’s fluid extractor is completely vacuum powered and it doesn’t require electricity to run. The reservoir features a larger eight quart capacity, and it has a 12-inch base for a stable and durable option. It’s short design makes it very portable and easy to use.

What do you need for an electric oil extractor?

Electric pumps, like the one found on the Jabsco on our list, have clamps that hook to a car battery. Extractors that are air-powered need an air compressor and a hose. They use a venturi to draw a vacuum in the vessel, just like a hand pump.

What are the features of a Green Mill extractor?

For extraction operators looking to develop methodologies only possible with a true instrumentation-grade extractor, we offer features like density feedback and control, triple inline fractionation, and software scripting and sequencing.

What kind of pump does an oil extractor use?

Most extractors are powered by good old fashioned elbow grease. They have a hand pump that pulls air out of a container to create a vacuum. Some extractors, like the LiquiVac model we recommend, take a lot of pumps to charge up. Others like the Mityvac, take very little work because its hand pump is gigantic.


With modern tools that make tasks such as oil excavation easy, why choose the traditional way of crawling under cars to get the oil drained? It’s quite a messy and grimy task that could be taken care of with less hassle and more efficiency. The Air power America 2000LV Green Large Oil Extractor is a reliable way of sucking out oil without leaving a mess. You’re not only assured of a clean and quick process but an environmentally safe one too. All fluid content are emptied into a sturdy container to be disposed properly. No electricity is required to get this fluid evacuator working; with a quick mini workout a powerful vacuum will be created.

This enables the tubes to start sucking out oil energetically with just about 40 pump strokes to get it started. After a good suction is started, it doesn’t take time to get the engine drained. For small engines this unit will quickly evacuate the oil in less than 10 minutes and have you going about the day’s activities. For larger engines on the other hand, a maximum of 20 minutes is required to completely drain the oil pan and have it replaced with new oil. The oil is emptied into an 8-quart capacity reservoir which works for small and large jobs alike. Regardless of the amount of oil it takes in, the design is quite portable ensuring the unit can fit in tight and confined spaces. Enjoy a mess-free oil change with this highly reliable fluid extractor.


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