Boss Audio Touch Screen Car Stereo

How does the boss car audio system work?

Many BOSS stereo systems allow for seamless smartphone integration. Most receivers can connect to a smart device through a USB interface, letting you play MP3s through the cars stereo speakers. Bluetooth technology can also enable you to pair your cars audio system to your smartphone.

Which is the best touch screen car stereo?

BOSS Audio Systems Elite BE7ACP Car Multimedia Player with Apple CarPlay Android Auto – 7 Inch Capacitive Touchscreen, Double Din, Bluetooth, No CD/DVD, USB, SD, AV In, AM/FM " Great entry model touch – screen …Other than that, (which I am still trying to troubleshoot) its great.

How big does a boss car stereo need to be?

Connectivity with wireless remote is spotty and unreliable at times. The complete package for upgrading your vehicle’s sound system with a Boss receiver and dual two-way speakers. The additional 6.5-inch two-way speakers offer better sound output than typical factory-installed speaker systems.

How to turn on Bluetooth on boss audio?

1. MODE button Press it to select the mode: radio, disc (if there is a disc in unit), USB (if there is a USB device in the unit), SD (if there is a SD/MMC card in the unit), Bluetooth, AUX IN 2. POWER button


The first model to make our list is from Boss Audio, and it is very much a budget option. For the money, however, it does have a range of useful features.

The biggest advantage is the sheer range of formats it can accommodate in playback mode. There is everything from DVD and CD playback to Bluetooth syncing to streaming audio from a phone or MP3 player to a useful USB slot that you plug stored media straight into.

There are also SD Card and AV input slots – it can even be synched to a rear view camera if you have one.

The downside is that it frankly looks as cheap as it costs, and it is not going to improve the appearance of your dashboard. It’s also missing a few of the bells and whistles you’d expect on a more premium model. Still, for the price it’s kind of hard to be too down on it.


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