Bestop Trektop NX Frameless Replacement Soft Top

What to use for bestop trektop NX soft top?

To keep your Bestop Trektop NX clean and protected, we suggest using the Bestop Three Pack Cleaner and Protectant Kit for unsurpassed appearance and long life. All Inclusive Kit: The Trektop NX includes everything necessary to transform the Jeep from no top at all, to a completely sealed soft top Jeep!

What kind of frame does bestop trektop have?

The Bestop Trektop is the latest in the new “frameless” style soft tops. It uses the roll bars as it’s frame, so it has a fastback look (this means the rear window has a slope, and isn’t vertical like a traditional factory top.

What is bestop trektop nx for Jeep Wrangler?

The Bestop Trektop NX for Jeep Wrangler does not need traditional bows or frames for installation. Its top arch bar system keeps the soft top in place, while offering superior protection from snow and heavy rain. The tailgate bar provides quick and easy access to the rear cargo area without opening the rear window.

When did the bestop trektop NX glide come out?

As many of you already know, in November of 2016 at SEMA, Bestop went live on Facebook, unveiling their newest soft top, the TrekTop NX Glide. You bet your ass I sat outside on my little stoop and watched from my phone as they went over every fine detail of the top and what made it so in-demand.


Now here is a real soft top good looker that will keep your 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler in summer head-turning mode.

A frameless model, the Sprint Top from Bestop’s affordable Pavement Ends range is quick to fit and will make your summer an absolute blast! Made from UV, mold, stain and fade-resistant fabric with heat-sealed seams to keep out the damp, there’s a lovely coast-road vibe to this Jeep Wrangler soft top replacement. DOT approved, removable windows with a cool 31% tint as well as removable side and rear curtains and a flip-top sun roof this is a soft top that has been designed to enjoy the weather and the open road. A retro vibe with modern build-quality, what’s not to like!

Trektop NX – Bestop

56820 pg. 4. Trektop NX Installation Instructions. Lay the top fabric, backing side up and aligned with the front edge of the Header. Use a utility knife to.


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