Billet Proof Designs Battery for Harley Davidson

What kind of parts does billet proof design use?

Ride with us! We cater to all motorcycle riding disciplines and offer aftermarket parts support for most OEMs. We carry a wide range of products for Harley-Davidson and Indian V-Twins, metrics, touring, café-racers, adventure, off-road, custom, sport-touring and racing.

How to find the battery for a Harley Davidson motorcycle?

Chrome’s battery finder for Harley+Davidson motorcycle will guide you step by step in finding the correct battery for your Harley+Davidson motorcycle. Please get started by selecting your Harley+Davidson motorcycle model from the list below.

Is the battery on a Harley Davidson too expensive?

Too Expensive? I was in the Law Abiding Biker Garage testing & installing a new lithium-ion battery for my Harley Davidson motorcycle. I’ve tested other brand lithium-ion motorcycle batteries but wanted to test a new brand for the biker community.

Are there different types of Harley Davidson batteries?

I have tested and cut open just about every battery available and believe me there are differences, I mean big differences in what the batteries have inside from plate material and configuration to lug design and retention the list goes on. No matter what the difference in price don’t sell yourself short when buying a battery.


The best part about the Antigravity ATX12-HD-RS Lithium Motorsport Battery is its RE-START function, which reduces the possibility of your bike dying on you or refusing to fire up. With the RE-START function, the battery monitors itself closely, and if it notices a high level of discharge that isn’t normal, it automatically puts itself to sleep. This is a very useful feature because it helps your battery last much longer. When it goes to sleep, it is also very easy to restart your bike as it saves enough energy to do so. All you need to do is press the ‘RE-START’ button, and your battery will be up and running again.

It’s a lithium-ion battery, so it is lighter than most batteries, and it also boasts a long life between charges. It features four terminals at the top and dual polarity. The manufacturers claim to have the first Full Battery Management System (BMS) on a Powersport Battery and are pioneers in this sort of innovation. So, if you want a long-lasting battery and want the added assurance of a monitored battery system, consider the Antigravity ATX.


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