Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

Is the Arcan xl20 a 2 ton Jack?

Last but not least, the Arcan XL20 low profile steel service jack is a 2-ton capacity tool with outstanding features. It is versatile in use as it can lift different vehicles with low profile ones included. The compact design makes this jack to be easily fitted under your vehicle and also for simple storage.

Which is the best Arcan low profile service Jack?

The Arcan XL2T black low profile steel service jack is a great option and will give you all you need. This is a 2 ton floor jack and due to its unique features, you will be happy to have it. When you understand the value of a floor jack, you can never compromise on quality, just to be able to save a few dollars.

Are there any Arcan floor jacks on Amazon?

Amazon actually carries a few Arcan Floor Jack models with Prime Shipping if you prefer to have items delivered right to your house. There is the Arcan XL20 – 2 Ton Capacity Low Profile Floor Jack which seems like a great option if you don’t have a Costco near your house and are already an Amazon Prime member.

What kind of metal is an Arcan service Jack made of?

Normally, the Arcan service jacks are made of quality aluminum metal and are very stable. In addition to that, the Arcan car jacks are highly portable, and they come in a variety of models to suit different people’s needs.


The problem with car jacks that come with a big lift capacity is they are often extremely heavy, making them frankly a pain to move around a home garage. Arcan listened to that complaint and brought this model to the market. Boasting an all-aluminum construction, the ALJ3T brings a lift capacity of 3 tons in a tool that barely tips the scales over 55 pounds.

That is a lot of lifting power in a pretty light package. If you’re worried that a light jack could have stability issues or feel flimsy, then you don’t need to be concerned. This is very sturdy, and the cleverly reinforced lifting arm provides additional strength and durability where it’s needed most.


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