Fairview High Capacity RV Propane Regulator

Is the Fairview propane tank a defective product?

Fairview is a good company but we had a defective product. I read the dismal reviews on the included pigtail hoses, and I have to agree. I had them installed only three weeks when one of the hoses burst, draining most of a propane tank before I heard the gushing sound of escaping gas and smelled the propane gas cloud.

Which is the best propane regulator for a RV?

1. Flame King RV Propane Regulator 2. Marshall Excelsior RV Gas Regulator 3. Camco Dual Propane Regulator 4. Camco Horizontal 2 Stage Propane Regulator 5. Fairview Camper LP Propane Regulator 6. Marsh Excel 2 Stage Propane Regulator 7. Fairview High Capacity RV Propane Regulator 8. Mr. Heater Horizontal Propane Regulator for RV 9.

Can a regulator be mounted on a Fairview tank?

The Fairview regulator appears to work fine, but the housing at the top sticks too far toward the back to allow mounting on a lot of standard mounts people already have. See photo. My tank hold down bar includes a space to mount regulators with two or four screws.

How tall is the regulator on a 5th wheel RV?

The inlet is a 1/4" SAE inverted flare and the outlet is a 3/8" NPT female pipe thread. Set at standard propane low pressure – 11" Water Column. Regulator body is 7 1/4" Overall Height. Will replace any existing automatic changeover regulator on your current RV, Travel Trailer, Pop Up Camper or 5th Wheel.


Here we have a high-capacity propane regulator that has a limit of 345,00 BTUs per hour that is very easy to operate and is durable. It will connect to two propane tanks and change over when the one is empty. There is a color indicator that will change color when the tank is depleted. As you flip the supply lever the indicator is reset and you can remove the empty tank.

It has a standard inlet fitting that is a ¼ inch SAE inverted flare while its outlet is a 3/8 inch National Pipe Thread female fitting. It has a dual-stage design and will maintain a constant gas pressure even when the demand is fluctuating. The device has been set to a standard low pressure of 11 inch Water Column. The gas pressure is adjustable and it has a pressure tap. The height of the regulator is 7 ¼ inches and it is suitable for any RV as well as travel trailers.


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