ARB 804100 Simpson III Brown Rooftop Tent Annex

What makes the ARB Simpson III roof top tent so good?

The Simpson III Rooftop Tent integrates an updated design with new materials for better strength. The ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent integrates an updated design with new materials for better strength, rigidity and water resistance and now includes an annex for even more shelter.

What kind of fabric is Arb rooftop tent made out of?

ARB Rooftop Tent ARB Rooftop Tents integrate an updated design with new materials for better strength, rigidity and water resistance. Manufactured from high-quality poly/cotton fabric and incorporating an Oxford polyester flysheet, rooftop tents are easily mounted to ARB’s purpose-designed roof rack, or suitably load-rated roof bars.

Is there an annex to the Simpson tent?

Unfolding in minutes, the Rooftop Tent provides sleeping quarters off the ground and protected from the elements, while the Annex adds space and storage. An Annex and an aluminum ladder are now supplied in a kit with the Simpson III Tent to compliment the preexisting quality features. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

How many people do ARB rooftop tents need?

The ARB series of rooftop tents are easy to set up with one person due to a number of great features such as easy access straps and zips attached to a rope to assist with opening. Like all rooftop tents, it requires two people to lift and fit the tent onto an existing roof rack.


The next rooftop tent on our list is the Tuff Stuff Ranger Rooftop Tent, a unit that comes with an annexe room. The frame of this car tent has been constructed from sturdy and durable aluminium, with screened windows and awnings to enhance ventilation. This tent features a foam mattress with high-density cotton ripstop fabric, characterised by waterproof features.

The annexe room is big enough to accommodate a folding cot, queen-sized mattress, a mat and a small dining table or a set of chairs. The main sleeping area is large enough to accommodate to two full-sized adults. To increase the total interior space of the annexe room, the retractable ladder can be folded away.

Installation of this car top tent is straightforward and efficient. It normally takes approximately up to two hours to fully install, provided two people are undertaking this exercise. All hardware required for the installation are included with your purchase to enable the secure mounting of most roof racks. It is critical to note that the main tent must be fully installed before the annexe room is zipped on.

In general, the Tuff Stuff rooftop tent enables you to experience levels of comfort, convenience and ease. With a short installation time and easy to follow setup instructions, this is one valuable investment any adventurer can make.


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