PlastiKote Universal White Automotive Paint

What kind of spray paint does plastikote use?

A multi-surface spray paint that works on wood, plastic, metal, stone and wicker, it is ideal for outdoor furniture, planters and garden ornaments. Garden is just one of the new range of environmentally friendly products that Plastikote has launched in the craft and DIY sector. With its water-based formulation,…

Is there a plastikote store in your area?

Item inventories vary by store. Some items may not be available. Please contact store for current inventory. PlastiKote has you covered for your automotive paint, specialty paint, automotive touchup, and scratch repair needs!

When did plastikote clear coat paint come out?

Our family of premium aerosol paints and coatings are preferred by professionals and designed to provide perfection. Since its arrival in 1923, when introduced as a clear coat product that eliminated the need for wax on linoleum, the PlastiKote brand has focused on finding new ways to make things better.

Is it safe to use plastikote fast dry enamel?

PlastiKote Fast Dry Enamel superior quality paint comes in a handy 59ml bottle and is ideal for small project or craft uses. Fast Dry Enamel is non-fading, long lasting paint which is safe to use on children’s toys and furniture.


Last, but not least, on our list of the best spray paint for cars, is this PlastiKote Match Up Top Coat. This one is ideal for using over a colored base coat, to achieve a high gloss factory-style finish – although you could also use it on its own, as no primer or base coat is required, and the gloss can be applied directly from the can.

The paint is quick to dry, and the resulting finish will be scratch and rust-resistant. It’s ideal for touching up small scratches, water marks and defects in your bodywork. Just be aware that you may need a few layers, and there is the possibility of an uneven spray if you’re unlucky enough to get a can with a weak nozzle. This gloss makes a great additional purchase alongside many of the other paints on our list.


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