AmazonBasics Auto Wheel Cleaning Brush

What kind of brush should I use to clean my car’s wheels?

One item that should be part of your wheel cleaning equipment is a cleaning brush. Wheel cleaning brush helps you get rid of the dust, dirt, gunk, and other nasty things that might get lodged the many facets of your car’s wheels.

How are the bristles on a wheel cleaner made?

The central stem that the bristles are attached to is designed to offer a certain degree of bend. The bristles are designed to lay completely flat. This means it can easily access – and clean – even the smallest holes and tightest angles on your wheels, making for a lovely, quick cleaning process.

What kind of detailing brush do I Need?

Whether you need a 2 in 1 Detail Brush Set for your car interior or a Deluxe Wheel Brush for the ultimate in detailed wheel cleaning, you will find the top quality detailing brushes you need – at a price that you can afford! Need a way to quickly spruce up your car without having to do a full detailing?

How big is a wheel cleaner brush head?

This brush comes in at a mighty 18 inches, which includes 9.5 inches of brush head. That is a lot of cleaning surface on one product. On the one hand, it allows you to easily access parts of the wheel construction you though were out of reach.


If you just need a cheap and reliable option for those tighter spaces and tougher spots, this cleaning brush for cars from AmazonBasics is a good choice. The bristles are soft enough to leave you without fear of scratches, while the rubberized bumper ensures you don’t accidently catch any corners while cleaning.

Unfortunately, it is shipped in two pieces and has been known to break apart when under too much pressure. Thus, this is a better choice for lighter work and cleaning up a light build-up. The head may also be a little too wide to fit into smaller areas around the wheel, for example, so check the dimensions to see if this fits for your needs.


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