Airhawk Dual Sport Air Motorcycle Seat Cushion

What kind of seat cushion does Airhawk use?

Airhawk is known for its "double your ride time" guarantee based on its patented air technology seat overlay cushions. Airhawk motorcycle seat cushions provide “unsurpassed comfort during long rides.” They use a “scientifically proven air technology to distribute the rider’s weight and pressure over the entire motorcycle seat cushion.”

How much does an Airhawk cruiser seat cost?

AirHawk’s Dual Sport comfort seat pad. air hawk cruiser motorcycle seat cushion medium this is in really good condition and i only used it a couple of times. airhawk seat 114.99 About Us Delivery Returns Payment Contact Us About: It’s a tricky question when people ask who we are.

What are the benefits of an Airhawk chair?

Sensitive yet supportive, Airhawk®’s Air Cell Technology prevents the pressure points and hot spots that make your neck and backache at the end of a long day. Airhawk® office chair cushions also increase circulation, which means more energy and less fatigue.

Is the Airhawk seat a ticket to better health?

Whether you ride, sit, sleep or drive, AIRHAWK seats, cushions and pillows are your ticket to better health and tremendous comfort.


Another model from leaders-in-their-field Airhawk is this Dual Sport Air Motorcycle Cushion Pad. This one again features all the benefits of their inflatable pad, breathable mesh cover and non-slip bottom, but its slim shape is designed specifically for dual sports bikes with narrowed seats.

Some users mention it takes a while to get the air level right. As seems the norm with these inflatable seats, less is more. You want just enough to take you off the seat, so the air can distribute itself under you where it’s needed. It may be too small for a dual sport bike, so, as always, make sure to check the measurements prior to ordering.


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