Valterr Viper Sewer Hose Kit


Having trouble draining your RV without creating an icky mess along the way? If so, then check out Valterra’s Viper Sewer Hose Kit. You’ll know exactly what’s flowing out of your RV as well as when the process is complete thanks to the transparent attachment on the hose end. This durable model is made from 25 mils of the finest polyolefin material with 135 mils of protective beading for additional endurance.

Need your hoses to be sufficiently stored away while on the road? The two collapsible 10-foot hoses can be folded down to just 50 inches to save you space. To make sure that its hoses are leak-proof, Valterra has pre-installed rotating fittings with bayonet hooks so your hose will stay positioned exactly where you want it to be. Buyers especially rave about the end pieces, stating they’re incredibly easy to attach and detach when need be.


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