Brica Deluxe Kick Mats Car Seat Protector

What does Brica car seat back protector cover do?

The Brica Car Auto Baby Seat Back Protector Cover is a children/kids kick mat. As we all know, kids tend to move around a lot and they can’t help but sometimes kick the back of the chair while you’re driving. Over time the kicking is going to do some damage and it’s going to leave your car seats dirty.

Are there any Brica baby car seats for sale?

Brica Infant Comfort Canopy Car Seat Cover Sun / Bug Protector – NEW SHIPS FAST! Got one to sell? Get it in front of 160+ million buyers.

How long does the Brica seat Guardian last?

With a sturdy, unique design and extra tall back panel, the Seat Guardian is built to last so you can use it with all of your car seats as your baby grows, from birth to eight years.

Which is best car seat protector or kick mats?

1.The Kick Mats Backseat Protector is a child-friendly and super-long life accessory that is perfect for your car. 2.Designed purposely for protecting car upholstery and leather car seats from dirty footprints.Kick Mats Car Back Seat Protector offer full protection to car seats.


Brica center their ethos around ensuring that parents enjoy days out just as much as their little ones. Their Deluxe Kick Mats have been upgraded so now they’re a whole ten percent larger than before. Yet there’s no need to worry about bulkiness – the elastic strap ensures that the mat looks tailored against the seat.

Fit for purpose in most minivans and SUV’s, Brica provide their customer with two of these seat protectors for families with two little munchkins. Parents universally believe that it’s the simplicity of the design that makes this product great – having no pockets allow the kick mat to be tossed in the wash whenever you please!


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