XTREME CHARGE Battery Desulfator

What is the Xtreme charge desulfator battery charger?

The Xtreme Charge Desulfator Battery Charger is a compact device that will evaluate, test and charge 12 volt lead acid batteries. It uses proprietary algorithms and microprocessor controlled technology to provide an effective charge and desulfator functionality to restore lost capacity and fully charge the battery.

Which is the best desulfator for car batteries?

Battery MINDer is one of the reputable brands in the desulfator and battery maintainer market. The company has launched several FCC certified desulfators that deliver high-frequency electric pulses to dissolve sulfate crystals. Battery MINDer 128CEC1 Battery Charger, Maintainer, and Desulfator is no exception.

Can a battery desulfator charge at half an amp?

When you hook up a regular charger and it is trying to charge at half an amp, it does that by putting out a fixed voltage. The battery plates are so "fuzzy" that it never takes a charge. But the desulfator / charger is a constant current device.

Which is the simplest charger or desulfator ever?

Simplest Charger/desulfator Ever 1 Materials: 2 Schematic 3 As you can see it is quite simple. The capacitor couples the battery to the mains as well as limiting the current. 4 Usage. So if the battery is only taking 5 amps at 12 volts and u have it set for 10 amps, it will raise its voltage until it …


Why spend money on replacing multiple batteries when you can purchase the XTREME Charge XC100-P Desulfator at an affordable and budget-friendly price? The Xtreme Charge uses controlled microprocessing and proprietary algorithms to ensure the charging process goes as simply and smoothly as possible. The controlled pulses ensure that the desulfator is supplying the appropriate and safest current to the battery to prevent damaging the lead plates or burning out. It is the perfect maintenance charger for 12V lead battery types and is able to bulk charge batteries quickly and safely so they can be used thereafter.

It achieves maximum and required charge through concisely assessing and testing 12V lead-acid batteries once it is connected; whether they are VRLA, AGM or flooded. This way, it can accurately ascertain the rate at which it should be charged by evaluating the size and the condition of the battery. Using these tests, when the Xtreme desulfation battery charger is connected to the batteries, it is able to identify which batteries are actually unredeemable and cannot be regenerated. The included patented pulse technology guarantees that your new batteries stay in peak condition whilst the older ones are appropriately regenerated.


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