XPRIT Hoverboard

What’s the top speed of the xprit hoverboard?

The Xpit self balancing hoverboard has a top speed of six miles per hour with battery life of 45-75 minutes on a full charge. This hoverboard w Bluetooth speaker is ideal for seven-year olds and adults and is also UL2272 certified for safety. The Xprit Hoverboard w Bluetooth speaker has great performance.

Which is the best hover board to buy?

We’ve separated the best hover-boards from the downright dangerous to bring you our top ten list of the best hoverboard models of 2019! When it comes to hover-boards, smooth flat surfaces are your friend. It´s on a smooth surface that you can reach … Check Discounted Price!

How long does a xprit hoverboard battery last?

Each board also boasts a long battery life (the smaller one will take you up to 6 Km on a single charge, while the bigger one will last for 9.7 Km of riding) and takes approximately two hours of charging time to get ready for use.

What kind of hoverboard has spider webs on it?

The XPRIT webster self balancing hoverboard. The pedal has spider patten, and the wheels displaying Spider web and colored LED vibrant lights. A cool webster pattern hoverboard!


Discussions about the best hoverboards available end when someone mentions the Xprit Hoverboard. Like many new and innovative hoverboard models, this unit is designed and built with high-quality materials. We are confident that your next adventure will be more exciting than past experiences with this hoverboard. The self-balancing nature of this board makes it the perfect match for most family members and age groups.

The Xprit hoverboard features a minimum weight of 45 pounds and has a powerful battery that delivers more than an hour of movement after a single charge. There is also a built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker where you can play your favorite tunes and playlists. Transform your outdoor space in seconds with this hoverboard and enjoy a great ride with family and friends. For more music, use the Bluetooth connection to pair your phone or any smart device. All Xprit hoverboard models are safe and enjoyable to ride, and they make great gifts.


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