Razor Dirt Quad For Kids

What kind of Adventure does a razor dirt Quad have?

When the backyard becomes too groomed and the sidewalk too smooth, the Dirt Quad enters with unlimited adventure. Another icon in Razor’s line of electric powered off-road vehicles, the four-wheel Dirt Quad is built strong and sturdy to conquer tough trails and big bumps. Don’t compromise adventure.

What do I need to replace my razor dirt quad?

Speed control module for version 11 and up of the Razor® Dirt Quad electric all-terrain vehicle. Throttle and speed control module replacement kit for version 1 and up of the Razor® Dirt Quad electric all-terrain vehicle. Works with all Dirt Quad versions.

What kind of toy is a razor dirt bike?

Razor E100 Motorized Rechargeable Kids Toy Electric … . Razor E100 Motorized Electric Powered Ride On Kids T … . Razor Motorized Rechargeable Electric Powered Kids S … . Razor E100 Motorized Rechargeable Kids Electric Toy …

What’s the maximum speed of a razor dirt quad?

As we speak here about the parts of this razor electric 4 wheeler, there is some highly durable yet brilliant addition to make it easier to drive. This bike runs with a maximum speed of 8mph. It has powerful hand-operated brakes that allow the bike to stop immediately with little press so that it is safe to drive overall.


The Razor dirt quad was built to last with a high torque motor and 13-inch knobby tires that were made for children with an adventurous spirit and a love for the outdoors. This model features a twist-grip throttle and handlebars that are easy to adjust depending on your child’s height. They are also designed to conquer rough terrain and bumpy surfaces and are equipped with a hand operated rear disk brake for safety. The Razor dirt quad has a maximum speed of 8 mph with a 40-minute battery life and is suitable for children who are 8 years of age and older.


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