Wake Mountain Bike V Brake Set

Which is the best brake set for a mountain bike?

Calliper brake sets for road bikes are supplied with brake pads as well as the calliper. A great way to upgrade the performance of your road of mountain bike, a new set of stoppers will give you more confidence on the descents. Bike brake sets are available from the biggest brands including Shimano, Tektro and SRAM.

What is a disc brake on a mountain bike?

Also known as a disc (disc brake) – this is the circular metal surface that attaches to your wheel and it’s what the caliper tightens around to bring you to a stop. The fluid that actuates the braking force. Each braking system will specify the type of fluid required.

Where are the coaster brakes on a mountain bike?

Coaster brakes are on the rear end of some MTBs, and it can perform two separate functions. It allows your bike to cruise and doesn’t allow the pedals to roll, and of course, you can use it to pedal backward. Backward pedals can stop the bike instantly. However, you need to be in a very commanding position to do so.

What kind of brake pads do specialized bicycles use?

Hyacinth 4PCS Premium Bike Brake Pads, Professional Mountain and Road Bicycle V-Brake Pads, Bike Brake blocks Kit, for Free Hex Wrench. . . . . .


This Wake Mountain Bike V Brake Set includes front and back brakes, which are made from a combination of aluminum alloy and plastic. They have a 110mm arch and 55mm brake pads. The manufacturer state that they will fit 99% of V-brake bikes (check whether your bike has a V-brake installation hole prior to purchase).

This is a high quality brake set with strong and smooth springs, that’s easy to install and adjust. Some users mention that the included brake pads are soft, and wear down quickly, whilst others report that they squeal. We recommend replacing the brake pads with a higher quality alternative. Considering the price bracket though, you can’t complain too much, and these brakes are great for occasional use or those on a tight budget.


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