Tomioka Racing Super Slopes Car Ramps

What are race ramps at Summit Racing made out of?

Race Ramps to the rescue! Race Ramps are constructed from an advanced composite material that’s tough yet lightweight. Unlike regular ramps, which are designed for stock height vehicles, Race Ramps are designed to decrease your angle of approach, making your next loading operation a breeze.

Can you race cars on sky ramp tracks?

To enjoy car driving games, you can challenge yourself and perform crazy car stunts on sky ramp tracks. This ultimate car simulator is made based on your recent activity. You will get a realistic environment, expensive racing cars and stunning graphics which are enough to fulfill your dream of ramp car stunts racing in offline games.

How does ramp car stunts racing impossible tracks 3D work?

Ramp Car Stunts Racing Impossible Tracks 3D brings the real exciting aspects of youngster’s favorite form of 3D racing in an exciting drift simulator. Endless car racing games play is all about car racing and surfing on mountains and endless traffic!

How do you make a race car ramp?

Set up the ramp on a piece of furniture. Cut 2 pieces of the 1/8-inch dowel that are 8 inches long. Tape the 2 dowels to either end of the racetrack. Cut a rectangle out of card stock and spell out the word “Finish” in alphabet letters. Tape the card stock to the dowels.


Riders of lowered cars often have to be very careful when driving their vehicles especially on elevated platforms and other similar structures on the road. But to get one’s vehicle onto the lifting system utilizing its jack points one needs the similarly-low profile of the Tomioka SLOPE.

You won’t believe what this baby can bring to your car. While its measurements pale in comparison to other ramp systems in the field, it nevertheless does a pretty decent job of getting your car about 3 inches off the ground. Another thing that the Tomioka has going is the gentle incline of its slope. Unlike other systems that come with a steep grade, the Tomioka features a gentle ride towards the top until your wheels rest on the intended platform.

It may be made of plastic, but this is actually what gives the Tomioka its remarkable lightweight characteristics. This makes it very easy to bring along and store. But what is even more remarkable is that its plastic construction actually feels beefier than other systems. And with a very friendly price, it’s a system that should merit your attention; that is if you have a need for a much lower car ramp.

TOMIOKA RACING – visionrstore

TOMIOKA RACING – RAMPS. Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to help car enthusiast with lowered vehicles to reach all front, side and rear jack point …


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