RIVBOS Fingerless Driving Gloves

Which is the best fingerless gloves for cycling?

We’ve handpicked these Atercel training style gloves as our Best Fingerless Gloves recommendation. They’re ideal for cycling but also for working out and lifting weights. With a snug and secure fit, they’re comfortable and supportive to wear, providing plenty of flexibility as well as breathability.

What kind of gloves do you need for mountain biking?

If you’re a fan of mountain biking through the trails, encompassing through paved roads and back again, you need cycling gloves that are as versatile as your wild spirit. InBike made these with simple pull-on target loops to enclose your hand in the V-shaped design. Easy on, easy off.

What kind of gloves do you wear on your hands?

Featuring soft mesh fabric inside the front of the gloves, palms remain dry and cool no matter how hard you’re working out. They also feature an anti-slip silicone gel pattern on the palms for more confident handling and a secure grip.

Which is the best winter Glove for cold weather?

Tried and tested in the snowy Swiss Alps, the Ultraz winter glove from Assos relies on a double-layered TwinDeck fabric for ultimate thermal protection and water and wind resistance. A long neoprene cuff adds protection while neatly tucking under your jacket or jersey too.


This product from RIVBOS drags us kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. There is not a patch of leather on them since the manufacturer opted instead to go for a modern blend of nylon lycra and cotton.

Thos two materials combine in a glove that is all about comfort. The lycra/cotton blend is very flexible, allowing the gloves to mold to your hands. In addition, both materials are breathable, which allows perspiration to make its way from the surface of your hands to evaporate into the air.

There are a few user-friendly elements to the design too. For example, the gloves have a pair of discreet finger loops that help you to pull the gloves off your hands. The palms also have a good degree of built-in padding, making them comfortable when gripping the steering wheel. A simple Velcro fastener holds the gloves securely, and there are a wide range of colors and designs available.

The modern design may not be to everyone’s taste, but the price tag certainly should be appealing to most people.


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