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What kind of rain gear does Viking cycle use?

Viking Cycle has these motorcycle rain gear for you which will completely keep you safe and dry. So, there is no need to get bored at home in the rain. Enjoy your ride, your bike, and the rain while riding with our rain gear. The top-quality textile and waterproof material will keep the water out and you dry.

What do you wear on a Viking cycle?

Viking Cycle rain gear consists of a pair of jacket and pants. In addition to protection from rain, it also keeps you visible to others because of its reflective panels. Under these, you can add a motorcycle jacket to protect yourself.

When to wear a rain suit on a motorcycle?

For the rest of us, a rain suit over our regular riding gear gets carried along when the weather looks like it could turn wet. When it comes to rain gear, the camps are pretty evenly divided between one- and two-piece suits.

What kind of rain gear does a Harley Davidson have?

The type of riding and distance of the trip, as well as available storage space on a bike are all important considerations in making the best choice in rain gear. Harley-Davidson® motorcycle rain gear includes complete rain suits, boot gaiters, rain jackets, pants, and more.


If you’re looking for something for your lower half for all four seasons, this is a good choice. HWK has produced some great CE-approved overpants that come with multiple layers of fabric to ensure your safety, comfort, and accessibility, no matter what the weather is like.

The armored knee and calf protection and reflective piping around key points show how your safety is a top priority. While these are not super adjustable, there are a few areas that can be modified slightly to gain a better fit, such as the waist straps and ankle side zips.

The ventilation system works wonders at high speeds, according to satsified users, but be sure to order a few sizes up; many riders have noted that one or even two sizes larger than your usual selection results in a better fit.


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