Thetford Premium RV Rubber Roof Cleaner

Which is the best roof cleaner for RVs?

For top-down cleaning of your RV, start with the most effective cleaner and conditioner on the market – RV Rubber Roof Cleaner & Conditioner. Our formula cleans, conditions and protects at once. Removes oxidation, tree sap, bird droppings and other common stains.

What does Thetford stand for in RV toilets?

The Thetford name is your assurance of quality. As the world’s… 5-5/16" H x 7-9/16" W Gravity/City Water Hatch & 1/2" MPT Plastic Check Valve by Thetford®. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high…

Which is the best rubber roof care product?

Reduces Rubber Roof maintenance up to 75 percent! Cleaning a rubber roof no longer has to be a knee-bending, back-breaking chore. Protect All RUBBER ROOF CLEANER is formulated to make cleaning both easy and quick, eliminating hours of washing, rubbing and buffing.

Can you use protect all rubber roof cleaner on a TPO RV?

It is not recommended for TPO RV roofs. It leaves an extremely slippery feel to the surface once dry, so extra care is needed if you stay on the roof after cleaning. You need large amounts so one bottle may run out fast. Protect All Rubber Roof Cleaner is best for all types of EPDM RV roofs.


Safe for the environment but tough when it comes to grime on your RV’s rubber roof, we really like Thetford’s Premium RV rubber roof cleaner. As an easy to use two-in-one, you get a cleaner and conditioner specifically for your EPDM rubber roof. Plus, it can also be used on fiberglass or aluminum. With no toxic or abrasive ingredients, the formulation dissolves dirt and chalk accumulation, while protecting the rubber membrane and helping to extend its life. Plus, this camper roof cleaner has a UV blocker and is also biodegradable so environmentally safe to use. Simply apply the solution to your roof and scrub with a sponge mop to activate the cleaner and get it to work. Then thoroughly rinse and allow to air dry.


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