ThyWay Multifunction Tissue Box

What to make with an empty tissue box?

Transform empty tissue boxes into funky monsters, with sharp teeth and wild eyes. We chose to make dotty spotty monsters but your child can decorate them any way they like. They can even add fur, feathers or shiny gems. Have fun making your very own tissue box monster!

How to make a monster out of a tissue box?

Paint the pieces purple and let them dry. Glue 2 small googly eyes to the sticks. Make a small slit mark at the top of the box with the craft knife (adults should help with this part) to push the sticks in. 6. Glue large googly eyes to the top of the tissue box. You can add one, two, three or more eyes! 7.

Where to put a choice 2 ply tissue box?

The box’s perforated top ensures your tissues remain sanitary and untouched until ready to use. Thanks to its compact size, this tissue box fits on your restroom’s countertop, bedside night stand, front desk, and more. The two perforated tabs on the bottom of the box help push up those last few tissues for easy retrieval!

How many boxes of tissues are in Amazon?

Amazon Brand – Presto! Ultra-Soft Facial Tissues (18 Cube Boxes), 3-Ply Premium Thick, 66 Tissues per Box (1188 Tissues Total) . . . . . When it comes to finding the right box of tissues, soft texture is the gold standard. If you’re looking for a top-notch tissue box, look no further than our list below.


If you want a full organizer for your work or travel items as well as a standard tissue box, then this is a great option. Made with high-quality PU leather, this organizer box comes with a tissue dispenser and plenty of space for holding your phone, pens or other small items, which you may need easy access to while on the road.

The main negative with this item is that there is no way to strap the box down, so you need to place it in the footwell or on a passenger seat. It may still move around a bit if you’re a little too sporadic on the brakes.


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