SUNF ATV UTV all-terrain Tires

What kind of tires do sunf ATVs use?

The SunF A036 has a unique tread pattern tailor made to perform in mud, sand, snow, and even on ice, with thin, paddle-like tread features that scoop their way through the terrain.

What kind of tires do I need for my ATV?

SunF Power.I ATV/UTV all-terrain Tires 25×8-12 Front & 25×10-12 Rear, Set of 4 A033, 6-PR,… All Terrain HALBERD 6PR ATV/UTV Tires, 25×8-12 Front Spare Tire, 15mm Tread Depth 25x8x12…

Which is the best thing about owning an ATV?

The best thing about owning an ATV is the ability to maneuver some of the toughest terrains. However, this comes at the cost of constant tire replacements. The grip in the ATV tires slips away with time. The last thing you want when riding your ATV is a tailspin. Getting the best ATV tires is highly recommended for an amazing ATV experience.

What kind of lug pattern does sunf use?

Angled knobby tread design is great in most terrain with high  response  on trails. Suitable for desert, mud, dirt and rock applications. Lug depth and pattern offers enhanced skit and traction control. Aggressive shoulder knobs provide superb side bite and traction with added protection to rim and sidewall.


A complete set of tires for your ATV, the angled tread design offers a high-performance on many types of trails including dirt tracks, deserts, and rocky surfaces. Premium rubber is used to withstand even the most intense of racing conditions.

To resist punctures and abrasions, 6-ply rated construction has been used. Ultimately, these tires are supposed to give you are smooth ride no matter what type of surface you are taking on.


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