Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter

What kind of Scooter is the Fuzion Z250?

Right off the bat, this Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter will definitely catch your eye. It will immediately strike you as a well built, fun looking pro scooter. From the striking teal, to black and oil slick, this is a pro scooter for people who want all eyes on them while they ride down the street.

Which is the best Fuzion stunt scooter for kids?

Lastly, both the X-3 and X-5 beginner stunt scooters are tested by the Fuzion Scooters team of professional riders to ensure they are the perfect entry level scooter for kids to start riding like a pro. The only question now is whether the Fuzion X-3 Pro or the Fuzion X-5 Pro is right for your child.

How old do you have to be to use Fuzion Z250?

According to the manufacturer, both Fuzion Z250 and Fuzion Z300 are suitable for users of at least 8 years old. Both models also have the same maximum weight limit, which is 220 lbs (99.79 kg). Hence, in general, either model should be suitable for most people.

What kind of aluminum is the Fuzion z350 pro made of?

It is made of airplane grade aluminum which provides it the sturdiness it needs. The T-Bar of this scooter is crafter out of Chromoly and has really great grips on the handles so that the rider is comfortable and does not get blisters from riding for too long.


The Fusion Z250 Pro is one tough cookie, designed to withstand regular, hardcore trick scooter use. Intended to be an entry level scooter, no-one has actually told the Z250 that’s it’s a beginner ride and the quality design gives it the competitive edge. Solid 110mm alloy core wheels, one-piece fork and aluminum deck, all the beginner spec is there but then Fuzion takes it all one glide further. The Z250 boasts the highest ABEC wheel bearing rating (9) you can get, giving a smooth and quiet ride that feels a delight underfoot.

Then there’s the extra wrap Hex grips and drift riser handlebars for control and comfort and super-responsive nylon brakes when you need that quick, sharp stop. And don’t think the kids are going to have all the fun, although designed for youngsters beginning to get to grips with trick scooting, the Z250 can take a rider up to 200 pounds so the adults don’t miss out. A tad pricey, at over $120 but you get a lot of spec, as well as some serious trick-tastic fun for your money.


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