SKIL Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw

What are the features of a Skil reciprocating saw?

Change the blades with ease and experience added durability and sturdiness with the Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw. The Skil 9206-02 7.5-Amp Variable Speed Reciprocating Saw also includes a pivoting foot that gives you added stability when you are working on wood and other materials.

Which is the best reciprocating saw for cutting wood?

For a swifter cutting speed, this reciprocating saw has a 1-1/8-inch stroke length, with a variable speed trigger for faster speed in cutting and increased blade control; the blades used with this tool aren’t attached once a purchase is made, thus they must be bought separately.

Can you change the speed of a reciprocating saw?

Some reciprocating saws come with a variable speed trigger that allows you to control the speed or strokes per minute SPM of the saw depending on how far back you pull the trigger. While others have a variable speed dial that also allows you to vary the speed of the saw with just the turn of the dial.

What kind of power does Skil tool have?

With advanced lithium battery technology and patented innovations, SKIL tools deliver incredible power and performance. Your browser does not support HTML video. Big Power. Compact Design. With digital brushless motors and patented lithium battery technology, PWR CORE 12™ tools deliver compact power, longer run times, and incredible performance.


The next reciprocating saw is Skil’s 7.5-amp variable speed model. The saw features a powerful motor that can cut through almost anything. It’s easy to insert the right blade for the job, thanks to the tool-free changing mechanism.

The heavy-duty metal gear housing protects the inner workings from the wear and tear of daily use. The saw also has a clever counter balance system to help control vibration, making it easier to use the saw with the accuracy you need. Its pivoting foot adds extra stability, while the saw’s compact size make it perfect for use in tight spaces. Users say it’s great for just about any home or garden DIY task, especially cutting wood.


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