ShadeSox Car Sunshade

Can you make a sun shade for your car?

This DIY Car Sun Shade is the perfect place to start. If you plan on having some little ones in your car this summer, this project is an absolute necessity. Created with a fat quarter, this sun shade suctions onto the window of your car with a suction cup. This makes it easily removable and a quick clean if it gets dirty.

Is the shade Sox universal CAR side window baby Sun?

Shade Sox Universal Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade (2pc) | Protects Baby and Kids from the Sun| Fits All (99%) Cars Most SUV’s | Travel ebook included! Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose.

What kind of material is a car sunshade made out of?

Q: Out of what material are these car sunshades made? A: The best sun shades will be made out of polyester and are coated with a thin layer of silver. The silver can usually be swapped for another reflective surface, all of which ensure the sun reflects back through the car window and keeps the vehicle itself cooler.

Where to put shade Sox in the car?

Be careful when driving, as Shade Sox can block the view from back side windows. When using Shade Sox it is best to use the car’s side mirrors. Secure Shade Sox on the sides of your car door frame so that they do not slide off.


The Coveted Shade windshield sun shade uses two discs that cover the majority of the windshield. It fits well around the rear-view mirror, so this can work in your favor. Available in three sizes, we recommend looking through the size guide to ensure the discs will fit well against your windshield.

Customers love that this sun shade is super lightweight and that it folds down to a tiny package, which you can then fit in your side door pocket or other area in your vehicle. It is made of high-quality 210T material to reflect harmful UV rays, so it’s good at blocking heat from entering your vehicle.


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