Ten Eighty Launch Ramp

Is the ten-eighty micro flybox ramp for beginners?

The Ten-Eighty® Micro Flybox is great for novice skaters and bikers looking to hone their tricks before taking their skills to the skate park. Drop in from the table top or crush that Ollie, with the textured, slip-resistant finish to give you the traction and control you need.

Which is the best RC car launch ramp?

What we don’t: Narrow width makes it suited to 1:10 scale models and smaller The Ten Eighty launch ramp is an affordable option for those on a budget. Coming in 2 pieces, with a connecting tabletop block in the middle, the Ten Eighty provides an excellent launch and landing ramp for smaller RCs.

What kind of boat launching ramps do I Need?

Boat Launching Ramps Handi-Ramp’s line of Boat Launching Ramps is designed to be affordable. We provide high quality, easy-to-assemble, aluminum shore docking equipment that makes an inaccessible shoreline accessible.

How big is a jump ramp for RC?

Setup is as easy as attaching a center aluminum bracket at the bottom, then screwing in the aluminum launch plate to the sides, and done! At 36” x 24” x 18”, this ramp is large and tough enough to handle up to 1:8 scale, and its launch angle is specifically tuned to give optimal launch angles for RC’s to get some extreme height on your jumps!


Ten Eighty is a brand known globally to be a leading manufacturer of high-quality models. They produce everything related to the art of skating and transportation. Their brand was set up with the sole aim of helping skating enthusiasts do the one thing they love the most; to skate. To ensure this, they create some of the world’s most delicate equipment, which allows skateboard users to have the most wonderful time, while staying safe and fully balanced. One of such products is their Ten Eighty Launch Ramp.

Out of their trick scooter ramps collection, this unit tops the charts. It is a skateboard ramp designed carefully and accurately such that at every point in time, you can undertake your favorite tricks and stunts without a care in the world. This ramp features two different units, connected via a tabletop unit. It also has a very smooth radius and a textured finish that keeps you safe while you have fun. The finish is slip-resistant to enhance your stability and also helps you stay put no matter the weather condition.


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