Pioneer TS-A6976R A-Series

What are some good sources for vintage Pioneer stereo parts?

PIONEER STEREO / HOME AUDIO ELECTRONIC PARTS / SPARES – VINTAGE / USED FOR SALE / REFERENCE Replacement Pioneer stereo parts / spares: Pioneer Stereo Electronic Repair Parts for vintage Pioneer stereo receivers, cassette decks, reel to reels, and equalizer parts.

Are there any spare parts for a pioneer?

Pioneer parts for Data Base info, cross-reference and when available occasionally for sale.

What kind of amplifier parts does pioneer use?

Also Pioneer RG-2, SG-9, SG-9800 EQ Equalizer / Signal Processor parts / spares. Pioneer SA-7100 Integrated Amplifier Amp Parts.

What should I do with my pioneer speakers?

Use a seal of weatherstripping between the speaker and the mount hole. Make sure the mount material doesn’t rattle and everything is tight. Finally, use a foam strip between the front edge of the speaker and the door panels to direct all sound into the cabin, without losses behind the door panel.


If the Rockford model we discussed above could be accused of being a little underpowered, that is not a criticism that can be leveled at this pair of speakers – not when they are rated to 550 Watts of maximum power!

This is the second entry from Pioneer on this list, and as with the previous one you know you are getting a great build quality when it comes from a company with the reputation that Pioneer possesses.

This a great all round speaker, again designed to seamlessly slot in and replace factory supplied speakers. To that end, you get a very unobtrusive flat black design that will do it’s job without catching the eye or standing out. The price is higher than the other Pioneer branded speaker on this list, but you do get a higher performance too.


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