Autowings Headrest Dual DVD Player

What kind of DVD player does a car Headrest have?

Then it has an in-built Fm transmitter that connects to the car stereo system. This is a touch screen car headrest with DVD player for kids. It has a 10.1” DVD Player with a resolution of 1024 X 600. In addition, it provides services like videos, music, and games. It also has built-in HDMI inputs, Speakers and USB/SD ports.

Can you watch movies on a headrest in a car?

All our headrest car DVD players come with a bunch of games that not only kids, but also adults can enjoy. Watch all your favorite movies in crystal clear clarity, with excellent frames per second on digital screen. Different colours and models are there to fit with your car’s interior, no matter what kind.

Which is the best headrest car entertainment system?

Elinz Electronics also offers products like Pure Sine Wave Inverters, LED Light bars and portable GPS navigation system. Before AUD $410.00 Now AUD $380.00 Now AUD $340.00 Before AUD $230.00 Before AUD $190.00 Now AUD $180.00 Headrest DVD players are amongst the most popular entertainment devices available for vehicles today.

How big are the Audiovox movies2go headrest monitors?

Having only 2 headphones has meant either fisticuffs/to the victor go the spoils or everyone listening to the delightful repeat of whatever cartoon/movie they’re into ad nauseam over the vehicle speakers. Sounds fun, huh? The headphones included are nice and sturdy, but probably a little too big for kiddos about age 6 and younger.


This is the essential full package deal for anyone looking to entertain passengers on long car trips. You get two screens for the cost of a single high-res one, while retaining all the great qualities that Autowings are known for.

Hook up headphones/gaming devices to these over-the-headrest kits, allowing them to get lost in their media, allowing you to drive with minimal distractions. These support up to 99% of all video formats globally, so you run virtually zero risk of running into a file format that isn’t supported for playback.

Touchscreen features allow your passengers to be in complete control of their media, avoiding distractions or stops to fix/alter settings and adjust playback. It’s simple to use. Wires come from the players to hook underneath your seats, hooking up to a power source inside your car. Unlike low-grade headrest models, you won’t be tripping over wires (or worse, not have enough slack to plug them in).


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